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Yellow Multimeter, A multimeter or a multitester is an electronic measuring instrument. A



Although Monarc Services Ltd are relatively new to the local service sector, our dedicated and experienced staff have the capacity to carry out repair work on all major manufacturers equipment from our local service and approved warranty centre. We clearly understand the impact that equipment 'downtime' has on productivity, and we strive to reduce this to a minimum.

MIG, TIG, MMA, plasma cutters, welding torches, pipe tools, fume extraction, power tools are just some of the equipment we repair.  

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The need for periodic calibration is fundamental in compliance with a quality management system and our calibrations/validations are carried out to BS EN IEC 60974-14:2018, which takes the previous standard BS EN 50504:2008 to the next level of accuracy and assurance.

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Optimising the performance of your equipment will inevitably extend it's 'working life' and help prevent unnecessary and untimely downtime. Failures resulting in unplanned downtime can have major cost and value implications on your project delivery schedules, expensive repairs and manpower inefficiencies, so to alleviate, we can offer individual and customised service plans across the whole fleet of equipment, helping you meet your challenging targets.    
All service plans come with a 'Periodic Inspection and Safety test to BS EN IEC 60974-4 2016' and when paired with a calibration will satisfy your quality management system compliance.
We at Monarc Services Ltd will work with you to design and implement service plans against your stated uptime and reliability targets whether a single project or individual time-based equipment lifecycles.  
Although new to the region we have already been selected as 'Approved Warranty Centre' for a number of leading international manufacturers of equipment, allowing us to undertake manufacturer’s warranty and repair work at our local service centre without the need for costly transport and time constraints.


Additional to advanced equipment services, we also offer repair, service and 'Portable Appliance Testing' to all 415V, 230V and 110V equipment. Including grinders, drills, pipework tools, power, lighting and other specialist machinery.

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